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Acron Waterfront Resort

The Enticing Infinity Pool at Acron Waterfront Resort

For every holidaymaker it is important to be getting something extraordinary or special from their holiday. And what better way than holidaying at a luxurious resort with a welcoming infinity pool and its sunken bar. If one of your favourite holiday pastime is to laze around in the hotel swimming pool, Acron Waterfront’s infinity pool has it all covered for you.

2Infinity pools are all about blurring the line between man-made and natural and at Waterfront’s infinity pool you will not only get the refreshing water of the pool but some fabulous sunsets to witness, while you sip on your favourite drinks and a glorious weather to go along with it.

Acron’s picturesque Waterfront Resort is nuzzled on the banks of river Baga, right where it entwines into the Arabian Sea. This stylish boutique hotel has been ranked sixth in the country and is recognized as one of the best hotels in Goa by TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards. Acron Waterfront Resort comprises of 29 plush yet comfortable rooms and 6 apartment suites equipped with contemporary amenities, all in a uniquely rustic setting that can become your home away from home.

The highlight of Acron Waterfront Resort in Baga is its infinity pool with a sunken bar where every visitor ends up spending most of their time. The pool peeps over the river where, at dusk, fishermen pull in their catch for the day. If you’re lucky enough you might just get served a delicious fish meal at the in-house restaurant – The River Restaurant.

“I think what’s really special about the infinity pool is that, across the creek you have the fishermen’s boats and you have the local life of Goa and I think that’s what makes it real and not an artificial feeling that you are in some exclusive resort cutaway from the country, the city, cutaway from Goa as a whole” says, Brinda Somaya, Architect – Acron Waterfront Resort.

Acron Waterfront Resort


Know the ‘Infinity Pool’ concept:

The infinity pool design concept is said to have originated in France, where one of the first vanishing edge designs was utilized in the ‘Stag Fountain’ at the Palace of Versailles in the early 1600s. However, they are often very expensive and require extensive structural, mechanical (hydraulic engineering) and architectural detailing.


What our guests have to say?

“Where Acron Waterfront Resortdo I start from, everything here is just amazing. The best part about Acron Waterfront Resort is its infinity pool which is perfectly positioned at the right spot so one can witness a great view of the Baga river and the boats as it coils into the Arabian sea. On the whole the pool area is very clean and super relaxing. I Would highly recommend staying here” says, an international visitor from Dublin, Ireland on TripAdvisor.


“The hotel has a great infinity pool, very clean and a view of the river and sea. Acron Waterfront has a poolside bar and seating which is half immersed in water. We had a very pleasant evening by the pool sipping on our drinks and enjoying our appetizes. It was a very different and great experience indeed” says, a valued guest from Pune on Trip Advisor.

At Acron Waterfront Resort, Baga we offer an experience to remember. It’s time you book yourself a luxurious stay with a local touch at Goa’s #1 luxury resort.

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