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acron waterfront resort

Man’s World with Chef Cyrus Todiwala at #WaterfrontGoa

Man’s World caught up with Chef Cyrus Todiwala, also patron chef of The River Restaurant at the Acron Waterfront Resort in Baga. Give a quick read at the valuable life advice popular UK MasterChef Cyrus has to share with us.

Acron Waterfront Resort


What has being a chef taught you so far?

Being a chef has taught me that we work and exist with and within the most perishable two commodities – manpower and customer. Both are highly perishable and to tend and care for them and not take either for granted, leads to success.


Some failures you’ve overcome?

If I sit to count the number of failures I have had in life and their immediate effect on me or my family, I may retreat into a world of doom and gloom mentally. Failure is at my doorstep daily. I kick myself to move on and very often do not learn, so I get kicked again and move on. But it has to be looked at as a means of giving strength and conviction to battle on to succeed. In short, I try to control my emotions in failure and erase it from my mind, so that it does not affect me.


What is the one thing you would like to turn back to or change about your life?

I wouldn’t turn back time or change anything about my life. It has been good – full of lovely and scary memories, memorable enough to make me laugh and cry, and to get seriously angry with myself many a time.


Who have been your role models?

I always looked up to Chef Anton Mosimann in my career as a chef. But in life, one has many or several role models, and one feels that they should be like him or her or emulate certain elements of their nature or character.


If not a chef then what?

If I weren’t a chef, perhaps I could have fulfilled my father’s dream of opening an honest, highly personalised and best practice service garage; or I could have been an agriculturist and gone into conservation.


Your advice to the younger generation.

I would advise the younger generation to be bold and creative, and to seek and overcome. Be kind and thoughtful, try to look at the world from the eyes of those that you interact with too, respect everyone and everything, and above all, respect the world around you. Blame yourself and not others for your actions. Be hungry for knowledge and learning.


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