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Todiwala speaks about his journey

Todiwala speaks about his journey, his work in the UK and everything in between

London based Celebrity Chef Cyrus Todiwala OBE is back in Goa for the third annual Cyrus Todiwala Masterclass for Chefs. This culinary genius, who loves Goan food and culture with a passion, speaks about the beginning of his journey, his work in the UK and everything in between.


Todiwala speaks about his journey

A person who vividly remembers the highs, lows and bends of his life and the people he encountered along the way is certainly someone you can respect and learn from. Full of anecdotes, experiences and passion, Chef Cyrus Todiwala OBE is a classic example of such a person. The Chef Patron of The River Restaurant at the Acron Waterfront Resort in Baga, Goa and Café Spice Namaste, Mr Todiwala’s Kitchen and The Park Café, all in London, Cyrus was in Goa for the 3rd Annual Cyrus Todiwala Masterclass for Chefs, which took place at Fortune Acron Regina, Candolim on February 21, 2018, along with Avinash Martins of Cavatina, Mahesh lshwar and Stelios Theodorakis from Radisson Blu and Pravin Kathoke of Rational International India. “Young chefs are the future of our industry and we need more people with confidence, knowledge and skill, taking our culture and cuisine abroad in a better light. We will have a series of demos from local chefs with the idea of bringing them all together, and since they are not all Goan, we will try to inculcate the spirit of Goan food in them as well.”

Chef Cyrus believes that while young chefs today have access to a wealth of information, culinary and otherwise, it is important for them to not forget their basics and develop them further before venturing into experimentation. “I’m very passionate about Goa and Goan food, so it upsets me when Goan basics are spoiled,” he states.

His love for Goa has increased over the years and it is shared by his wife of 33 years, Pervin, who is the brains behind all his enterprises. In fact, his older son, Jamsheed, was born at Bosio Hospital in Goa; younger son Hormuzd was born in Pune.

Cyrus was also Goa’s first honorary wildlife warden: “I’m all for Goa. I helped secure two sanctuaries in Goa, Chorão and Divar Island and the Carambolim water tank for migratory birds. I truly believe that you have to fight for your legacy.”

Ask him about his favourite Goan dish and pat comes the answer, “My favourite has to be sarapatel. I like it cooked the way we used to make it before – rich, not overly hot and matured at least for three days. And served with very good quality sannas. The amount of love and affection you put in sarapatel, you don’t put in anything else,” he concludes.

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